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About Cairns Bathroom Remodelling Specialist

small space bathroom renovated to look so stunning

Bathroom Renovations Cairns is the trusted bathroom renovation and remodelling specialist in Cairns and the surrounding areas. For many years now, we have helped transform numerous bathrooms in homes and commercial spaces. We can help renovate your bathroom and turn it into a stunning space you will love.

A clean, beautiful, and functional bathroom is a must-have in every home. It improves the quality of life in your household. Beauty and functionality also make this private space a genuinely comforting and relaxing area. No matter the bathroom design you have in mind, complex or straightforward, we’ll handle it for you. Allow us to be part of your bathroom’s transformation. If you are looking for a bathroom makeover specialist in Cairns or anywhere in the Far North Queensland region, then we are the company to call. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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    Are You Ready for Your Bathroom's Transformation?

    Whether you’re planning to renovate your existing bathroom, build a brand new one, or you’re in the process of moving, and you’d like a total makeover for your new bathroom, then we’re here to help. Bathroom Renovations Cairn specialises in premium, luxurious bathrooms – no matter if you have a big or small bathroom, whether you’d like a traditional and straightforward bathroom or one with a more extravagant design, we’ll handle it for you.


    We Are Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

    Our team comprises experienced and highly skilled bathroom builders who can remodel any bathroom from top to bottom. We want our clients to experience the convenience and comfort of calling just one company for all bathroom-related needs. Therefore, we provide all the bathroom services homeowners typically need.

    Bathroom Renovations Cairns can manage the entire bathroom renovation project for your home, whether you’re remodelling only one or more than a few bathrooms. Our services include:

    Changing the layout of your bathroom to create more space
    Installing tiles or replacing old tiles
    Electrical work and lighting
    Carpentry and joinery for bathroom cabinets, vanities, and more
    Bath, shower, toilet, basin, and fixture installation

    Our bathroom renovations Cairns QLD team includes licensed tradies who can carry out all the jobs mentioned above and more. Just give us a call today so that we can begin the planning stage of your bathroom renovation.

    newly renovated bathroom in Cairns with crystal shower door

    From Outdated to Luxurious and Functional Cairns Bathrooms!

    Homeowners request to renovate bathroom Cairns for a variety of reasons. Some want a newer and trendier design for their bathroom. Others have no choice but to get a builder to remodel their bathroom. Just like other parts of your home, bathrooms also suffer from natural wear and tear. Since it is exposed to water, heat, and moisture all the time, if it isn’t appropriately maintained and cleaned regularly, some areas of your bathroom may get damaged. And sometimes, simple cleaning is no longer enough.

    Also, bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable and relaxing spaces in your home. It is just right for you to keep it beautiful and functional at all times. No one wants a faulty shower or a bathroom sink that no longer serves its purpose.

    Our team at Bathroom Renovations Cairns can turn any outdated or damaged bathroom into something more beautiful and functional in no time. From simple bathrooms to more luxurious ones, we’ve got you covered

    elegant and stylish bathroom with brown wall and marble tile sink

    We Are Cairns Bathroom Renovation Experts

    Years in the business and numerous bathroom renovation Cairns projects made us experts in the business. We are glad to say that our clients have always been satisfied with our work. After all, our goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our designer’s team will work with you to ensure that your bathroom design ideas are brought to life. We will also provide tips and recommendations based on our knowledge and experience.

    Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom Space

    Many Aussie homeowners don’t have the luxury of space for their bathrooms. However, even smaller bathrooms can be spacious when their layout is improved, and the right design is used. Our expert designers will assist you in making the most out of small bathroom spaces with strategic planning and designing – all, of course, subject to your approval.

    We can revise the layout of your bathroom and use furniture that can help save space. We have cabinet makers and joinery experts who can customise your bathroom vanity, shelves, and cabinets. Our plumbers can help install the best fixtures for your bathrooms, and our electricians can make sure that you have the right amount of lights to create an illusion of more space.

    Enjoy Utmost Relaxation With Your Large and Spacious Bathroom

    We also understand how some homeowners would love a large and spacious bathroom. Especially for ensuites, a toilet can serve multiple purposes – it can also be a dressing room and may even be connected to a walk-in closet. The design possibilities are truly limitless.

    At Bathroom Renovations Cairns, we have built and remodelled countless large bathrooms that have all the works – a tub, shower, couple vanities, walk-in closets, and so much more. Our designers will not only help plan the layout and design of your bathroom, and we can even help choose the best furniture to install while keeping your budget in mind.

    tile replacement for bathroom renovation services
    small bathroom space under renovation in Cairns
    vertical bathroom layout design. repairing the floor tiles
    girl bathroom renovators fixing the bath faucet

    Efficient and Reliable Bathroom Builders

    We are proud of our diligent and professional team of bathroom builders in Cairns. Our tradies are all highly trained and experienced in their craft, so we can always assure our clients that our Cairns bathrooms craft remain top-notch at all times.

    We understand that time is of utmost priority in a bathroom renovation project. Especially if you only have a few bathrooms at home, you wouldn’t want to wait a long time before you can use your bathroom again. We make sure that our clients’ expectations are met by providing a timeline. Depending on the complexity of the bathroom design they prefer and the actual renovation tasks needed to be done on your bathroom, the process can take a week to a few weeks to complete.

    We want to guarantee you that our team is always prompt and won’t waste your time. Besides, we will never rush a job and sacrifice the quality of our work.

    A Step-By-Step Bathroom Renovation Process

    So how long does bathroom remodelling take? identifies each step along with a timeline.

    Stripping a Bathroom

    The demolition of a bathroom can get done as quickly as two days, but it can be lengthy depending on the size of your bathroom, its location, as well as the bathroom materials that need to be removed. For instance, a bathroom on the second floor may take a little longer to demolish compared to one on the ground floor of your home.

    Plumbing and Electrical Systems

    Before the actual work is done on your bathroom, plumbers and electricians will first have to do their job. Their job may include running new wires into your bathroom, installing new outlets, replacing pipes, and more. The process can be done within a day or two.


    From building the bath to preparing floors and walls, carpentry preparation may take about two days to complete


    This is one step of the process that takes time. The tradie will seal up the bathroom, and this may take 2-3 days since there are typically more than one layer or coat of plaster that must all be dried in between.


    Another step that needs ample time, several layers of waterproofing are applied and must have a drying period of 24 hours in between.


    Tiling can also take quite a bit of time, depending on your bathroom’s size and the type of tiles you wish to install. When all tiles are already laid and installed completely, silicon and grout need to be applied.

    Cabinetry and Storage:

    Since cabinets are usually pre-built, they are installed after all tiling is done. It may only take a day to complete.


    Installation of the sink, toilet, taps, bath, drainage, lights, switches, fans, and other hookups are done at this stage, which may also take about 2 to 4 days.

    Final Touches

    Bathroom accessories, including mirrors, shower screens, and towel racks, can be installed in a day.


    The last step of the bathroom renovation Cairns process is painting, which can be completed for smaller bathrooms one day.

    Timelines are different for every bathroom renovation process. Once again, the actual timeframe depends on your bathroom’s size and the design you have chosen. Some homeowners partially renovate their bathrooms and leave toilets and baths in place. Naturally, partial renovations are much quicker to complete than whole bathroom renovations

    The Cost of Renovating a Bathroom

    Bathroom Renovations Cairns delivers high-quality renovation work at an always honest and reasonable price. We cater to all budget ranges. If you are on tight funds, we have a network of suppliers that provides discount bathroom supplies to Cairns. If you prefer luxurious bathrooms for your home, we can also get you the highest-quality furniture and fixtures.

    elegant luxury bathroom renovation with attractive wall patters

    The Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovations Cost

    Bathroom renovation cost varies greatly depending on several factors, including the following:

    • The bathroom’s size
    • The bathroom’s location
    • The complexity of bathroom design
    • Materials preferred for your bathroom
    • Bathroom furniture

    When you are on a budget, let us know so we can give you your options. Our team can help you develop the best bathroom design that perfectly matches your taste and preferences while staying within your budget.

    vertical design bathroom with bath tub on the center and huge cabinet on the side

    How Much to Renovate a Bathroom in Cairns?

    A bathroom renovation contractor will typically give you a rough estimate of the job according to the size of your bathroom. Australian loan company Lendi lists down the usual cost of bathroom renovations based on the bathroom size. A tiny 2 square metre bathroom’s renovation costs start at about $6,500, a 4 square metre bathroom may cost $10,000 to renovate, and a large 10 square metre bathroom may cost more than $25,000 to renovate.

    The above figures are just estimates. Its prices can go higher or lower than that depending on the complexity of design, the type of bathroom furniture and fixtures you choose, materials used for your bathroom’s renovation, and more.

    Luxury Bathroom Renovations in Cairns at a Fair Price

    Bathroom Renovations Cairns has been in the business of transforming and beautifying all kinds of bathrooms in Cairns and all of the surrounding areas. We have worked on countless bathrooms, big and small. No matter how complex or straightforward the renovation is, we can take care of it for you. With an extensively trained team and complete sets of equipment and tools, we have confidently delivered excellent bathroom renovation Cairns jobs to our numerous clients through the years.

    A beautiful and functional bathroom is genuinely essential in every household. Not only will it increase comfort and improve your quality of life, but an exceptional bathroom can also add to your property’s value. For your bathroom renovation, Cairns needs, there’s no better company to call than Bathroom Renovations Cairns. Contact our renovators today to get a free quote! Check out window installation, Kitchen Renovations Edmonton, Asphalt Crack Repair Kelowna and Reformas Albacete.


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