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An ensuite bathroom with matching walls and floor

Bathroom Renovations Cairns is a company that provides bathroom renovations to the greater Cairns area. We offer quality service and exceptional design ideas to suit your budget and lifestyle. Bathroom Renovations Cairns offers professional contractor services in Cairns.
We transform your bathroom to be the perfect oasis for relaxing and rejuvenating. We can renovate your bathroom to meet your present lifestyle needs. Our renovations include bathroom renovations, ensuite renovations, wet areas (bathrooms/showers/toilets), kitchen renovations, extensions, interior design ideas and more!
Our expert team of qualified plumbers are on stand by to ensure we complete your renovation in the shortest time possible and with the minimum of hassle and inconvenience.


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    What is an ensuite bathroom renovation?

    By definition, an ensuite is defined as a private bathroom that is attached to the bedroom. Ensuite bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular in new homes and renovations with their convenience factor. An ensuite bathroom is a room with a shower, basin and toilet either inside the main bathroom or outside it in a small room that adjoins to your existing bathroom. This sets you up as a private retreat from the bedroom.
    Renovating an ensuite is one of the most popular renovations because it provides you with extra space for washing and makes accessing the entire bathroom easier.

    Why renovate your ensuite?

    Making more space within the confines of your home is always a good idea, especially if you’re running out of room in other rooms. Whether it’s for practical reasons or just to refresh the overall look of your home, an ensuite bathroom renovation can help do exactly that.
    Another reason why you would want to renovate or install an ensuite bathroom is for the extra convenience that it brings. This especially applies to the additional space that you’re going to get in your bedroom.

    An ensuite bathroom opening to the bedroom

    The process of renovating an ensuite bathroom

    The process of renovating an ensuite is more or less like any other renovation that you would do to your home. The main difference is that you will need different equipment and materials than what you might use for a kitchen renovation.
    The first thing that you’re going to need for an ensuite renovation is an expert installation of plumbing and electricity. You can’t really do this by yourself unless you are professional; there is a risk of injury (especially when handling electric cables).
    Another important aspect is tile work; depending on the tiles, it could cost quite a lot of money if imported or custom-made. If you plan to use new tiles, it would be easier to pay the extra cost; but if you want to save some money (and still achieve amazing results), use second-hand tiles. The old fashion mosaic tiles look fantastic in ensuite bathrooms.

    A spacious ensuite bathroom

    What about the cost of installing an ensuite bathroom?

    Installing an ensuite bathroom can be quite expensive, especially if you want one with high-end equipment. However, this doesn’t mean that all renovations are expensive; some hidden costs are involved, like planning and time wastage (if working on weekends).
    Ensure your contractors inform you of all costs involved before signing the contract. At Bathroom Renovations Cairns, we provide detailed quotes to our customers.

    An ensuite bathroom with glass shower screens

    Expert advice on choosing the right contractor for your needs

    Deciding on the best contractor to do your renovations is not an easy job. There are many things to consider, like the price you will be paying them and their level of experience in this field. You also need to check if they have the latest equipment required for the job.
    For these reasons, it helps to consult industry experts who can offer exceptional advice on choosing a home renovation contractor in Cairns. Bathroom Renovations Cairns provides such services, and we can help you find a reliable contractor for your plumbing needs.

    Why Choose Us

    Here at Bathroom Renovations Cairns, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a professional service at cost-effective prices. We will work to make sure that the job is done right, and after each stage of the process, we give you a full update on how your project is going, what’s been happening and when it will be finished.

    We have been in business for years and have completed several bathroom renovations in Cairns, including ensuite bathrooms, wet rooms, general bathroom renovations and much more. Our team members are trained professionals who can help you through every stage of your renovation from start to finish. Whether it’s a small or large project, we’re up to the challenge!

    Our team is composed of qualified and experienced workers who know how to deliver quality results. We’re dedicated, committed and passionate about what we do, which means that you’ll get the best service possible. This is our number one priority – satisfied customers!

    Whether you have a small or large bathroom renovation job, from a simple change of tiles to a full refurbishment, we can help. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before going ahead with the work, which means no nasty surprises along the way.


      Bathroom Renovations Cairns Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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