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A commercial bathroom with grey walls

At Bathroom Renovations Cairns, we install and renovate both residential and commercial bathrooms throughout Cairns.
Our workers are trained to handle commercial projects, so you can relax knowing that your expensive renovations will be handled with the greatest care and skill.
We have done projects in many commercial properties, including nursing homes, schools, restaurants, motels and more! No matter how big or small your commercial renovation is, we can help you out. Our services are affordable for any budget – large or small!
Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free meeting – let’s discuss your needs so we can partner up to get you the best possible result.


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    What is a commercial bathroom renovation?

    A commercial bathroom renovation is when an existing bathroom is either entirely or partially gutted so that the space can be redone to suit your needs.
    This may include simply changing up the design on tiles, but it also includes adding in new amenities such as showers and toilets where they weren’t previously existing.
    These renovations must be done correctly, especially if you’re working with older buildings built before certain safety precautions were standardised. If you don’t know what you’re doing, not only could you lose money due to cost overruns, but you could also put yourself at risk of serious injury while trying to do escape routes wrong. This is why commercial bathroom renovations need to be carried out by experts with a lot of experience.

    Process of a commercial bathroom renovation

    The first step in any commercial bathroom renovation is to remove all old fixtures and hardware. Next, install new plumbing, including water supply lines for the sink, toilet, and shower. You may consider putting up a new ceiling tile or wall panelling to give your restroom a fresh look.
    Adding an exhaust fan helps to prevent mould growth on ceilings and walls. Install a new toilet with modern features like dual flush technology and update the vanity with granite countertops for durability and longevity.
    Our team of skilled contractors can do all kinds of commercial bathroom renovations. No job is too big or small. We do everything from simple repairs to full turn-key renovations for anywhere you need them.

    Acommercial bathroom with grey sinks and black walls

    Why do you need a commercial bathroom renovation?

    When your commercial property looks run down, shabby, or just plain bad, getting new guests in the door can be hard. Not only that, but without commercial bathroom renovations, your staff are not going to want to work there.
    So whether it’s just needing repairs, like leaky pipes and cracked tiles, all the way through to a complete gut job for anything less than perfect, we can do it all equally well. Make sure you come and see our showroom, so you know what we mean before hiring us!
    Having a commercial bathroom that is in desperate need of renovation will not cut it in the corporate world. People are going to start staring at your commercial bathroom renovations from afar, and then they will begin avoiding your company altogether. It’s that scary!

    A contractor doing a renovation

    Why use professionals in your commercial bathroom project?

    When installing or renovating your commercial bathroom, two things need to be kept in mind: the health and safety of your employees, as well as those that use your commercial bathroom, and the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the workplace. Though seemingly distinct, these issues overlap more than you might think on a day to day basis; we’ve all had an experience where we wished our bathroom had more space or was less busy! By using professionals for commercial bathroom renovations, you can rest assured that your business will operate at peak efficiency, and there is less risk involved with any number of possible outcomes. Your employees will also appreciate having a job they can do their best at without interruption.

    A luxurious commercial bathroom

    How much will it cost to renovate my commercial bathroom?

    The cost of renovating a commercial bathroom will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and condition of your bathroom, how many bathrooms must be renovated at once, what type of renovations are required, and any additional services or features that you may wish to add on.
    When receiving a quote from our commercial bathroom renovation experts in Cairns, please make sure they can provide you with:
    Have a detailed explanation of what materials and products will be used- if you don’t know this information upfront, we recommend avoiding contact immediately.
    An accurate completion date of all renovations and when construction workers will begin work- of course, there will always be variables that might cause delays, but we need an estimated starting point so we can proceed accordingly.

    Why Choose Us

    Here at Bathroom Renovations Cairns, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of work at affordable rates. We take pride in our speedy and efficient renovations, and we ensure that all projects in Cairns will be completed on time and to your satisfaction.
    Our team consist of experienced workers who are efficient and hard-working. We make every renovation a priority and make sure that our customers come first.
    Our team is friendly, reliable, efficient and experienced in providing quality workmanship for all of your bathroom renovation needs. We are known as the ‘go to’ company for small or big jobs; whether you need a single light or door fixed or an entire house renovated from floor to ceiling, we’ll quickly complete the job at affordable rates. No job is too small or large for us to handle.


      Bathroom Renovations Cairns Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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