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Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave

At Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, we specialise in bathrooms, and we offer a professional, reliable and affordable bathroom renovation that will exceed all your expectations. We are located in Cairns, and we serve commercial and residential customers.
Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are skilled and well-equipped to meet your bathroom renovation needs. We handle all aspects of the process when designing, managing and completing your project, which ensures you receive a top-quality product and exceptional service.
We have been in the business of bathroom renovations for love many years, so we fully understand how to deliver on our promises. We are dedicated to providing the best service and ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with the end result.
Here at Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, we are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality service and workmanship. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, meaning we make sure all of our customers go home happy after using our services. We are always available if you have any questions or need help with anything, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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    Our Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave Services

    The Best Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave

    Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave

    Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave is the leading provider of bathroom makeover in Cairns.

    At Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, we offer a range of services, including bathroom renovations, ensuite bathroom renovations, commercial bathroom renovations, laundry renovations, bathroom designs etc. Our services are of a very high standard with many years of experience in the industry. We know that a bathroom renovation needs to be properly thought out, as you will want your newly renovated bathroom to meet certain needs.

    Bathroom Renovations

    The main reason for doing bathroom renovation is to either change the layout of your bathroom or be up to date with a design that matches your tastes. When doing a renovation, you will need to know what products and materials will be used before starting any works. You can then check if these products and materials match your needs and budget.
    Renovating your bathroom is not a cheap task. But it will be worth the money if you do it right and is suitable for your needs. You can always hire professional help for this job, even if you only want cosmetic changes.
    Bathroom renovations can range from just re-tiling to installing a new bathroom. Cabinetry is another important aspect of a bathroom renovation. Cabinets can be custom made to suit the layout of your bathroom and give it a sleek look. At Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, we transform your bathroom into a beautiful space tailored to your needs and taste.

    Total bathroom renovation
    An ensuite bathroom with a bath tub

    Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

    At Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, our qualified team will help you design your perfect ensuite bathroom. We have a range of designs to choose from, so if this is what you are looking for, we can help you. While designing your new space, our experienced renovators will consider the design of your home and overall décor. They ensure that the final product is in sync with the rest of the house.
    We provide custom made bathrooms that professional contractors design according to individual needs and requirements. You also get an estimate before work begins on how much it would cost you to turn your dream into reality.
    You can go for glass shower screens in different shapes and sizes because they look clean and contemporary compared to ordinary screens. You can choose from different colours as well as styles depending on your personal preferences.

    Commercial Bathroom Renovations

    Commercial bathroom renovations require a lot of care and detailed planning. It is vital to choose a service provider who can deliver quality results under strict deadlines. Bathroom renovations are important for restaurants, airports, hospitals, schools, sports arenas etc. These are some of the public areas where cleanliness is key.
    Transforming your commercial bathroom into one that people will remember means renovating it with high-quality materials that look great but are also easy to maintain. You need professional design services to get the best results within your budget.
    The same rules apply to bathrooms renovation in hotels or any other location that falls under the hospitality industry. Whether you want full kitchen renovations or more specialized bathroom additions such as walk-in showers, spa baths or steam rooms, Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave is here to help.

    A commercial bathroom with white sinks
    White and black bathroom with a urinal

    Bathroom Design

    There are many different bathroom designs that we offer to our customers in Cairns. Your kind of design will be determined by the layout of your bathroom, size and position of your bath/shower, basins and toilets. So we will recommend what design would best suit your needs.
    At Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave, we provide you with full design plans for your new bathroom. Many of our clients need to have some form of theme or style that they use in their renovation. This gives them not only flexibility but also provides continuity throughout all the rooms in their home. So whether you are after an ultra-modern grey/white/black look with lots of chrome and glass fixtures, or perhaps something more traditional that has ceramics as its main components, Bathroom Renovations Southern Mulgrave can provide your chosen style.

    Laundry Renovations

    Bathroom features such as showers and tubs are important to consider. You want a shower or tub that will suit your style and function properly for years to come. Whether you want a stand-alone bathtub or multiple head shower units, we can help you create something timeless and beautiful. We offer all the popular styles and brands of showers and tubs that will suit any budget or taste.
    We can also include laundry renovations to make your life much easier when dealing with this often neglected space in the home when doing bathroom renovations.

    Our laundry renovations can include installing a washer and dryer in the bathroom or simply putting the laundry appliances nearby, with strategically placed storage to make them easy to access. Whether you are looking for your dream home’s bathroom renovation, or are thinking of upgrading your current space, call us today! We will be sure to provide quality renovation services that suit any budget. Our guarantee backs our work for complete customer satisfaction.

    Ongoing laundry renovation

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