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Transform Your Bathroom With Professional Remodelling Tips From the Specialists

Are you looking to take your bathroom from outdated to an upgrade? Whether you want minor changes or an extensive rebuild, Bathroom Renovations Cairns Specialists are here to help. They are industry professionals in home remodelling and restoration, so they can provide top tips for transforming your bathroom into a space that looks as stylish and modern as possible. In this blog post, they will walk through some of the best alterations you can make to increase the value of both your aesthetic and financial assets! Let them be your guide on maximising the impact of every design choice without breaking the bank– read on for professional advice from Cairns Specialist’s experts!

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Invest in quality materials – choose durable fixtures, finishes, and accessories. 

Bathroom remodelling should not be underestimated. Quality materials and fixtures will last longer, look better, and increase the overall value of your home. Speak with a professional to learn which materials are best for bathrooms in terms of durability and aesthetics.

If you are low on budget, keep your basic bathroom layout the same. Keeping the existing plumbing and fixtures in place will help you save on the cost of remodelling. This means you can still upgrade a few elements, such as installing new tiles, adding unique lighting fixtures, or replacing old cabinetry with modern designs.

Consider your layout – plan out a space that works for you and maximises the efficiency of the room. 

The layout refers to the shape and size of the bathroom. Plan out each element in advance to avoid a cramped, cluttered space. This includes the location of your shower, bathtub, sink and toilet.

Different layouts fit differently depending on the space. A long and narrow layout works best for narrow bathrooms to avoid a cramped feel.

A square or round layout can create an elegant look for those with much more space.

Finally, plan out the flow of traffic in the bathroom. This is especially important for shared bathrooms as it helps to avoid congestion and confusion when entering or exiting the space.

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Make a statement with colour and texture – create an exciting look with bold accents. 

Colours play a significant role in setting the atmosphere of a bathroom. Choose from classic neutrals, vibrant brights and pastels to suit your style.

Texture can also add dimension and interest – consider tiling for walls or floors, wallpapers or paint effects, fabrics and rugs.

You must coordinate the colours and textures of your furniture, fixtures and fittings. Think carefully about the materials you use, their durability, ease of installation and maintenance requirements.

Add extra storage space – incorporate shelves, cupboards, or hidden cabinets for all your essentials. 

Storage is an essential part of any bathroom. As bathrooms are generally relatively small, clever storage solutions can maximise your space and free up floor area for other features.

Some of the ways you can maximise storage solutions include;

wall-mounted shelves, built-in cupboards, compact drawers and hidden cabinets.

Wall-mounted shelves are ideal for small accessories, toiletries and decorative items. Built-in cupboards are perfect for more oversized bathroom items such as towels, hairdryers and electric razors.

Compact drawers can help you keep smaller items organised, while hidden cabinets provide an excellent solution for bulky items or unsightly cleaning products.

Brighten up the room with natural light – install windows to let in more natural light or switch to brighter overhead lighting 

Your bathroom should have a bright and airy feel – use lighter, neutral colours on the walls, tiles or flooring.

Natural lighting helps to bring the room alive – choose a light bulb with a higher wattage for added brightness. Natural lighting is achieved by adding larger windows or skylights.

Finish the look with a few well-placed lighting, plants and artwork accessories to give your bathroom a unique style. And don’t forget about a few creature comforts – like a comfortable bath mat or heated towel rail for those chilly mornings.

Finally, choose an appropriate ventilation system to circulate the air, reducing odours and dampness constantly.

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Contact Bathroom Renovations Cairns Specialist today!

Now that you know some critical considerations for Cairns bathroom renovations, it’s time to start! Bathroom Renovations Cairns Specialists have the team of dedicated professionals you need to properly plan and complete your bathroom remodelling project from start to finish. They will work closely with you to ensure that all design plans and construction are based on your specifications and meet all local building requirements. The result will be a new, beautiful space that offers more privacy, functionality, convenience and overall enjoyment for everyone who uses it. So don’t delay. Make that call today to begin the journey towards having a space worthy of all your relaxation needs!